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You might have found already, that with Pivotal, the excitement doesn’t wear off. To ensure you are able to make the most of your time in your vehicle, here are a few things that will help inform you about both your membership and your vehicle. Don’t forget that the Pivotal team is here at any stage if you need anything. 

The passive alarm system will activate after 60 seconds of leaving an unlocked vehicle with the key in your possession. If left unlocked the alarm will activate even if there are still people in the vehicle. This security feature will not lock the vehicle and will only set the alarm. Therefore, if you walk back to the vehicle and open the door, it will activate the alarm.

To disarm the passive alarm please press the unlock button on the key fob.

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided for the main driver and one additional named driver. For more information or to get a copy of the policy please contact us on [email protected].

Prior to delivery, you can also opt to add an excess waiver to your Pivotal subscription for just £40 per month. As part of Pivotal’s inclusive insurance, the standard insurance excess is £1,000 and for windscreens it is £250. By opting to bolt on our excess waiver you’ll reduce your excess to £0 for both. In addition to this, you can only utilise the excess waiver once during each subscription hire period for each claim (one Windscreen claim and one fault claim).

Please note the excess waiver can only be used while the vehicle is in your possession but will not apply once the vehicle is returned to Pivotal. Any outstanding insurance claims must be fully completed prior to returning the vehicle to Pivotal.

You can travel within the EU with a Pivotal subscription for a maximum of 30 continuous days. For insurance purposes, we request that you notify us as soon as possible, and no later than 14 days before your departure date.

For travelling in the EU, we will need to issue a VE103B document, as this may be required by border officials as proof that you are the nominated driver and authorised to drive a Pivotal vehicle abroad. We also ask for 14 days notice to prepare and post this document out.

You must return to the UK no later than 14 days before the date of a scheduled vehicle collection or exchange.

Here is the information we will need to complete this form for you to travel in the EU:

  1. Dates of travel: (to Europe/return to UK)
  2. Countries you will visit:
  3. Additional driver: (if applicable)
  4. Vehicle registration:
  5. Confirmation of the correct email address to send the document to:

Please note if you are planning to travel by ferry: every Pivotal vehicle has been fitted with a tilt sensor, this is a security feature designed to detect a theft attempt on your vehicle.The tilt sensor alarm activates if the vehicle is tilted fore and aft, or side to side, after it has been superlocked. If you wish to have the doors locked but the tilt sensor disabled (e.g. when aboard a ferry or having the vehicle transported on a recovery truck) press the lock button twice within three seconds.

Crit’Air Sticker (Vignette)
When travelling through certain French cities, members will need to apply for a Crit’Air Sticker to avoid additional charges, the sticker should be purchased before leaving the UK, please see link below and speak to the vehicle support team if you have any questions.

Please note, this information is only relevant when using Pivotal insurance.

In the event of windows becoming chipped or cracked, please call AutoWindscreens on +44 (0) 12 4621 6319 to schedule a repair.

Windscreen claims carry an excess of £250, unless you have chosen the excess waiver on your subscription. If so, please confirm this at the point of claim.

The vehicle will then need to be booked into a JLR dealership for calibration following the fitting of the windscreen replacement. Please bear in mind that until your windscreen is calibrated, you will be without driving aids.

Tyre costs or replacements are not included with your subscription.

All of our vehicles are provided with either a spare wheel or a temporary puncture repair kit to get you back on the road. Please have punctured or damaged tyres replaced in a timely fashion to avoid damage to the wheels.

Pivotal does not cover the cost for consumables, i.e. Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Washer Fluid, Oil, and Coolant.

If your vehicle displays a service notification light, please contact our vehicle support team at +44 (0)20 3950 4833. They will assist you in scheduling a service appointment with a dealer.

It’s nice to stay connected. That’s why we provide a pre-registered and installed SIM card with your vehicle. This has a 500 MB/month data plan for features such as real-time traffic and map updates.

Jaguar and Land Rover provide digital copies of all manuals via a mobile app: iGuide. iGuide is available on both iOS and Android (linked below). 

Land Rover iGuide for iOS
Land Rover iGuide for Android

Jaguar iGuide for iOS
Jaguar iGuide for Android

After you have downloaded the app, you can load the specific vehicle model guide onto your phone. This provides the most relevant information. 

For insurance and vehicle recovery reasons, you will only be provided with one key per vehicle and we ask that you do not clone or replicate this under any circumstances.

In the event of a lost key, please phone us on +44 (0) 20 3950 4833 and the team will support you through the next steps.

Your subscription includes a mileage limit of 1,500 miles/month. Mileage is cumulative so unused mileage from each month can be carried into the next month within a given subscription period. Mileage limits restart with every new vehicle subscription, they do not carry over from a previous vehicle.

If you exceed the mileage limit, additional charges are pro-rated. 

Pivotal does not provide any accessories. Internal accessories such as car seats will have to be sourced personally.

The use of accessories without prior permission may result in extra charges being applied. If you would like to add external accessories like bike racks and tow bars, please speak to the Pivotal team who will advise on what we accept.

Any accessories installed to the infrastructure of the vehicle, that are not a standard feature, are not permitted on this service.

Keys should not be left unattended in vehicles. Aside from the obvious risk of theft, there are other mechanical implications this can have on the connection with the car. As part of a Jaguar Land Rover designed safety mechanism if a vehicle key is left unattended in the car for over 36 hours, the key will deactivate and it will not be able to start the car.
For example if you are using valet parking at the airport. Please ensure that the valet parking holds the keys securely externally of the car until your return, to avoid your keys from deactivating.

We ask you to pay your first month’s subscription payment two working days before the day of your vehicle delivery. Following delivery, you must set up a Direct Debit for all subsequent monthly payments which are then taken on the day of delivery each month.

E.g., You join Pivotal on 2nd May. Your car is delivered on the 16th of May. Your first subscription payment is due on the 14th of May then each subsequent monthly subscription payment will be taken by Direct Debit on the 16th of each future month.

You may also be liable for other charges and fees based on your usage of the vehicle or service. Please see your consumer terms for details. Any additional charges will be added to your invoice and taken by direct debit as part of you normal subscription payment.

When you are issued with a PCN or parking ticket, Pivotal will receive a notification from the issuer. We will then:

  1. Pay the PCN on your behalf at the lowest possible rate.
  2. Reach out and let you know we have received and paid a PCN in relation to your Pivotal vehicle.
  3. Send you the relevant documentation, including details of the issuer’s appeals process.
  4. Add the fine to your next invoice (refundable if appeal is successful), plus a non-refundable admin fee as per your consumer terms.

If you would like to challenge the Penalty Charge Notice, you can choose to do so directly with the issuer. If your challenge is successful, please send the evidence of this to Pivotal (in the form of a headed letter from the issuer) and we will refund the fine amount directly to you.

We are here to help! You can contact us at  [email protected] or +44 (0) 20 3950 4833 and the team will be more than happy to help.

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

If we receive a speeding fine from one of our vehicles, we will record the associated customer’s details with the vehicle and send the notification back to the police. This will incur an administration fee as per your consumer terms.

Your subscription eligibility may be reassessed depending on how many points have accumulated on your license from when we last completed your eligibility check.

As part of your Pivotal membership, we need to ensure your continued eligibility for the service. This means that every six months we will be in touch to request the relevant information such as an updated driving licence check. 

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