Your Membership: Emergencies

For more urgent assistance

Even in harder times, we want you to know that we are there for you. For more information on the unexpected moments see below:

If you believe your Pivotal vehicle has been stolen:

  1. Notify the police immediately on 101 to report the incident, and you must obtain a crime reference number. For this call, you will need to have the following details: vehicle registration, make & model, and colour.
  2. Call our recovery team on +44 (0) 34 5600 4999 and provide them with your crime reference number.

Once you have taken the above steps, we will take over the recovery process and keep you updated on the progress of the situation. 

Please save the above number for our theft recovery team in case of an emergency. They are available 24/7 and will react quickly to track the stolen vehicle. We have a 100% recovery rate for thefts reported directly to our theft recovery team within the first 12 hours.

Please note that although the below information is only relevant if you are using Pivotal’s insurance, all customers must notify us of any incident as soon as possible.

Your insurance is provided by NIG – UK Insurance Limited. 

To make a claim, please contact their Accident Assistance team on: 0330 018 3489 who will support you through this process.

If your accident is related to windscreen or glass, the number to contact is: +44 (0) 12 4621 6319

Fault claims carry an excess of £1,000, unless you have chosen excess waiver on your subscription. If so, please notify the insurer at the point of claim.

If the insurance company deems this claim as non-fault then you will be provided an equivalently branded courtesy vehicle, otherwise this can not be guaranteed.

After speaking with the insurance company, please also notify us of this incident by calling us at +44 (0) 20 3950 4833 or emailing [email protected].

Please note, even if you are unable to drive your Pivotal vehicle due to an accident, you will still need to pay all subscription fees.

If you are involved in an accident, we recommend that you only provide your insurance details to a third party.

Pivotal subscriptions include Jaguar or Land Rover Roadside Assistance, which also provide coverage for EU travel. Your vehicle may need to be taken to a retailer for further inspection.

If your Pivotal vehicle is recovered, Roadside Assistance will provide you with a courtesy vehicle, but you must notify them of your requirement.

The easiest way to contact Roadside Assistance is via the b-Call button in your car’s headliner. This requires connecting your phone to the car. Press the Breakdown call button in the headliner for 2 seconds to be connected. Or, for Jaguar vehicles, call 0330 053 0412; for Land Rover vehicles call 0330 053 0401.

If you are unable to drive your Pivotal vehicle due to a breakdown or vehicle being at a dealer for repair, you will still be liable for all your subscription fees. Pivotal will endeavour to supply a courtesy car if deemed necessary.

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