Your Membership: Vehicle collection

Having your vehicle collected?

Whether you are pausing or updating your vehicle, when your Pivotal vehicle is being collected there are a few things you will need to know. Once you have scheduled your pause or updated, you will receive an email from us detailing your vehicle collection date and window. One of our team will pick the vehicle up from your preferred location and perform an inspection so we can check its condition.

It might go without saying, but the vehicle must be roadworthy in order for collection to go ahead. If it is not in a roadworthy condition, you will be charged a ‘Cancelled Movement Cost’ (£295).

Our driver will carry out a full inspection upon collection, therefore we ask that the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly inside and out, so any imperfections can be easily identified.

If the driver is unable to complete the inspection for any reason – for instance, if the vehicle is too dirty – any subsequent damage identified, will be detailed to you in your next invoice.

You can see more information on the collection standards here:

In order to identify any wear and tear on the vehicle, our driver will carry out a full vehicle assessment upon collection. This will include taking photographs of any damage which might exceed the acceptable standards as outlined in the The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide. The vehicle handover process will take approximately 1 hour, so please allow time for this.

The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide outlines what is classified as normal wear & tear when your Pivotal vehicle is returned to us. Please note if your vehicle has damage which exceeds the BVRLA guidelines, charges will apply.

Following the handover, a copy of the vehicle inspection will be sent to your email address by Pivotal. If you are liable for any additional charges, we will notify you of this as soon as possible, this might take up to a few weeks to process. 

As part of your Pivotal membership, you are allowed 1,500 miles per month. Any miles which are not used in that month, are able to roll over to the next month. Excess mileage fees, over the mileage limit of 1,500 miles/month, are charged at the point of vehicle collection and will be pro-rated. This is detailed in our charges schedule:

– For all EV vehicles, please ensure the vehicle is charged at least 30%.

– For all diesel and petrol vehicles, please ensure the vehicle has at least ¼ tank

– For all hybrid vehicles, please ensure the vehicle is charged as close to 100% with at least a ¼ tank.

Please make sure you have collected all personal items from the vehicle. Although we’ll always do our best to help return these items, it can be difficult to track down personal items at our depot and we aren’t responsible for any loss or damage. There is a charge associated with the return of any belongings, which you can find in the charges schedule

If relevant, please ensure that Pivotal items such as the parcel shelf and EV charging cable are in the vehicle at the point of collection to avoid any additional charges. You may find more information on this in the charges schedule

You do not need to worry about disconnecting your InControl account when the vehicle is being returned. This will be actioned by our team within five working days of collection. 

Please note that our automated invoicing system and upcoming direct debit payments will remain in place on your account until your vehicle is collected and your subscription is paused.

Once the vehicle is collected, any refunds due to you will be authorised within 30 days following completion of the vehicle collection checks, minus any outstanding charges.

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