At Pivotal, we understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle. That’s why our comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to protect you in various situations, ensuring your safety and security on the road. Please read on for an overview of what’s covered, what’s not covered, and additional questions you may have.


Accidental Damage (Fault or Non-Fault): Whether it’s your fault or not, rest assured that accidental damage to your vehicle is covered under our insurance policy.

Loss or Damage by Fire: In the unfortunate event of fire damage to your vehicle, our insurance provides coverage for repair or replacement costs.

Accidental Death, Bodily Injury, or Property Damage of a Third Party (up to £20m): We prioritise the safety of all parties involved. Our insurance covers costs related to accidental death, bodily injury, or property damage of third parties, providing financial protection up to £20 million.

Cover for Trailers: We offer coverage for trailers attached to your motor vehicle, excluding trailer content, and during transit. However, coverage is not applicable when detached from the motor vehicle.

Legal Costs: Legal expenses incurred due to claims made against you following a motor accident in the insured vehicle are covered under our policy.

Medical Expenses: We provide coverage for medical expenses up to £500 per person resulting from injuries sustained in a covered accident.

Repair or Replacement for Windows: Whether it’s your windshield or panoramic sunroof, our insurance covers repair or replacement costs for windows damaged due to covered incidents.

Loss of Keys: Don’t fret if you misplace your keys. Our insurance offers coverage for the loss of keys. Please reach out as soon as possible in the event your vehicle is unsecure.

Theft or Attempted Theft: Theft or attempted theft of your vehicle is covered unless it’s deemed at fault, such as leaving the vehicle unlocked or unsecure.

Courtesy Car: In the event a courtesy car is needed, we provide a like-for-like courtesy car for non-fault accident claims. If you are at fault, a courtesy car will be provided, but we cannot guarantee it will match the quality of your current vehicle.


Age Restrictions: Insurance coverage is not extended to any person under the age of 28.

Commercial Use: Any person using the vehicle for hire or reward is not covered under our insurance policy.

Territorial Limits: Driving outside the specified territorial limits, including countries outside the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or EU countries, is not covered unless during transit by sea between designated ports.

Non-Accident Damage: Damage not related to an accident and exceeding fair wear and tear guidelines is not covered.


While no No Claims Discount is earned or maintained, we provide a letterheaded document upon request to confirm whether any claims made during your membership, which some insurance companies may accept.

Report any mechanical breakdowns or manufacturer faults to roadside assistance or your local Jaguar Land Rover dealer for prompt assistance.

Our insurance includes coverage for travel within the EU, ensuring you’re protected even when driving abroad.

Yes, you are still expected to pay your subscription fee throughout an insurance claim.

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