Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Your Pivotal Summer Driving Tips Revealed

The summer period is the perfect time for road trips, but before you hit the road, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. Typically, our customers are on the road more frequently during the summer holiday period, so we have put together these summer driving tips to help you stay safe and comfortable on the road. We also want to make sure that you have all the information necessary to minimise any vehicle-related admin so that you can maximise your driving freedom!

Driving Overseas?

Your Pivotal subscription allows you to travel within the EU for a maximum of 30 continuous days. For insurance purposes, we request that you give us 14 days notice before your departure date. This is how long it takes to successfully notify the relevant people. And we want to ensure that you are able to be as mobile as possible. You can see more about this in our membership guide here:

Keeping Your Car Clean

Before you start any road trip, it’s a good idea to give your car a thorough clean. This will not only make your trip more enjoyable but having a clean and clear windscreen will help avoid any potential sun strike or glare. Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle, paying special attention to the windows and mirrors. A dirty exterior can also lead to paint damage on your car. Need a guide on how to properly wash your vehicle? See these instructions:

Bird droppings are a silent stinger, as they can, unfortunately, result in entire panels needing to be replaced. It is important to try and remove any bird droppings as soon as you notice them on your vehicle. For a guide on the best way to remove bird poop from your car, see this explanation.

Check Your Tyres

Before you hit the road, make sure to check your tyre condition and pressure. Hot summer temperatures can cause the air pressure in your tires to increase, which can lead to blowouts. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and check the tread to ensure that it’s not worn down.

Stay Hydrated

Driving during the summer can be dehydrating, especially if you’re travelling in hot, dry areas. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, as dehydration can lead to fatigue, and we want to ensure that you stay alert while you are driving. Just make sure that you have mapped out comfort breaks along your route!

Enjoy your summer driving tips

Don’t forget your SPF

We all know the importance of staying sun safe, for avoiding painful sunburn, and longer-term effects, but SPF is also your best defence against wrinkles. A study published by the American National Library of Medicine shows that: Exposure to UV radiation is considered to be one of the factors responsible for ageing termed as photoaging, and that consistently using sunscreen every day, can help to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful.

Vehicle Security Tips:

Keep Your Keys Safe

During the summer, it’s common to spend more time outside, which means it’s often easier to misplace your keys. To avoid this, make sure to keep your keys in a safe and memorable place. If you’re at the beach or pool, consider using a waterproof pouch to keep your keys safe and dry. Attaching an Airtag or Tile can also be a good way to ensure you know the location of your keys at all times.

60% of all cars stolen are due to an unlocked vehicle.

Ensure that your vehicle is locked or double locked. You can double lock your vehicle so even if a thief manages to break a window, they won’t be able to open any doors. To do this, simply press the lock button on your keys or InControl App twice. Double locking should never be used when anyone is inside the vehicle.

Pivotal members are supplied with a Faraday pouch which basically acts as ‘aeroplane mode’ for your keys, blocking the radio signals so thieves can’t intercept them. Tech-savvy thieves are expanding their capabilities and in rare circumstances can catch and clone the signal from certain keys.

Use a steering wheel lock if possible

Another step you can take to ensure the prevention of theft of your vehicle is by using a steering wheel lock. A steering-wheel lock is a visible anti-theft device that immobilises the steering wheel of your car. It is effective in securing your vehicle, while also being visible from the street, signalling to potential thieves that the vehicle is locked and much harder to steal. Here are a few options: 

Keep your valuable items out of sight

With daylight hours being much longer in the summertime, this gives more light to the interior of vehicles. To help prevent break ins, it’s important to keep your valuable items hidden, a good spot is under the parcel tray, or locked in your glove box. 

Have fun!

By following these summer driving tips, you can help ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable. Remember to clean your car, keep your keys safe, and pay attention to vehicle security. Also, make sure to check your tires and stay hydrated. With a little preparation, you can have a great summer, wherever the road may take you.

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