Pivotal EVs loaded with London City Congestion Charge exemption

Jaguar I-PACE Congestion Charge Exemption

In addition to lower fuel costs, a benefit of driving an Electric Vehicle (EV), is the exemption from initiatives which seek to reduce higher polluting vehicles in inner-city areas.

Many cities across the UK have implemented Low Emission Zones, and Clean Air Zones in order to reduce congestion, and improve the health & environment for residents and visitors alike.

For London drivers, driving an electric vehicle means they will be exempt from the London City Congestion Charge. In order to enjoy this benefit, your Electric Vehicle must be registered through Transport of London.

Fortunately, as part of your Pivotal membership, when you subscribe to an Electric Vehicle, your vehicle will come loaded with the Congestion Charge Exemption for you. 

Currently on offer for an electric vehicle subscription through Pivotal, is the Jaguar I-PACE.

What is the Congestion Charge Scheme?

Introduced in 2003, the Congestion Charge Scheme is designed to reduce traffic and increase air quality levels in the City of London. It does this by charging fees to those entering central London to disincentivise driving through previously high-traffic areas.

You can see the map of the Congestion Charging Zone here:

The intention is to reduce vehicle flow, and encourage commuters to find alternate means of transport during the week. Especially in times of peak congestion.

The hours the congestion charge operates are: 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm – 6pm on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. There is no charge on and between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day bank holiday.


Vehicle pollutants have negative impacts on both the environment and our health. 

As London is a city with high population density, a reduction in vehicle emissions can help to ensure residents are able to have cleaner air with less ground-level ozone (smog) which forms from vehicle emissions. Living and breathing in areas of high pollution or poor air quality can be linked to significant health problems, including asthma, chronic bronchitis, and heart attacks.

By charging fees to those who drive vehicles that emit exhaust fumes, the intention is to guide residents and drivers towards newer, cleaner vehicles, or to reduce road congestion by encouraging more people to seek public transport.

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road can also enable business deliveries and essential travel to be more efficient, which in a busy city like London, can allow businesses to run more smoothly. 



For majority of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles and unregistered electric vehicles, the congestion charge is a flat fee of £15 per day to drive in the centre of London.

Transport of London uses number plate recognition cameras. These cameras detect vehicles entering the congestion charging zone and distribute the charge to the owner of the vehicle. 



Transport of London has made a few exemptions to the Congestion Charge Fee, to ensure fair usage of the zone. To encourage more low-emission vehicles in the central city, there is a 100% discount for Motorbikes, and electric vehicles. As electric vehicles do not emit air pollutants or consume fossil fuels.

Blue badge holders, and vehicles with 9+ seats are also eligible for a 100% discount to the congestion charge.

Local residents are also eligible for a 90% discount in the relevant zone.



While there is a 100% discount available for electric vehicles, owners need to register their vehicle with Transport for London. This involves uploading images of their V5C logbook and paying £10 to register their vehicle.

If the vehicle is not registered, Transport for London will charge drivers the regular congestion charge of £15 per day. Which can add up to a large sum if you are unaware!



As part of your Pivotal personal or business subscription, we will deliver your electric vehicle pre-registered with the Cleaner Vehicle Discount.

We understand that you want to spend less time doing paperwork, and more time doing the things you enjoy, so we have taken this hassle off your plate.

Explore our Jaguar IPACE subscription on the Indigo Tier here

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