We've lost our first customer and we're thrilled – Pivotal car subscription

by John LaMarca

Pivotal is an all-inclusive premium car subscription service by Jaguar and Land Rover which offers access to the best vehicles in the range - with insurance, tax, servicing, maintenance, and delivery all included. Our customers pay a one-time membership fee to join the service and then pay a subscription fee each month. It’s a much more flexible arrangement than a traditional lease or purchase because there’s no large deposit required, and no long-term commitment to make. In fact, in survey after survey, our customers tell us that they love the monthly rolling contract and all-inclusive nature of the service.

So how did we “lose” our first customer? They took advantage of one of the main benefits of the service: the ability to pause your subscription if/when your circumstances change; as the current pandemic has shown, circumstances can change very quickly. And that’s why we’re thrilled. We’ve believed all along that there’s a need for a more flexible and enjoyable way to drive a car than ownership, leasing, or long-term rental.

Provides financial freedom

For people who may have been furloughed or made redundant, or who simply no longer need a car while they’re working from home, a service like Pivotal can provide the flexibility and financial freedom needed to weather the storm. If you’re coming to the end of your lease and are unsure about what to do next, Pivotal could be a great solution for the next few months and beyond.

In addition to the fact that there’s no deposit required (just the one-time joining fee of £550), Pivotal also makes it easy to manage your monthly outgoings as there are no unexpected costs: maintenance, servicing and roadside assistance are all part of the subscription. There’s also no depreciation to worry about. In fact, there are several ways that a car subscription can save you money.

More flexible than a traditional lease

Another thing to consider is that with a traditional lease, you’ll pay the same amount in year four as you’re paying in year one, but on a 4-year old car; that doesn’t happen with Pivotal. There's no depreciation to worry about. Plus, we bring you a fresh car every 6 months. We believe the best way to keep you in love with your car is to keep sending you new ones!

Car subscription makes more sense now than ever

When we launched Pivotal, our goal was to make it easy to join – and easy to leave. We expect that more of our customers will pause their subscription in the coming weeks and months - and that’s ok with us.

 It’s not all doom and gloom though. In fact, we’ve seen just as much interest in the service – if not more – in the last few weeks.  In times like these, car subscriptions make even more sense than they did before. We’re getting calls from people who are coming off their leases in several months’ time and want to make the switch to a service with more flexibility. With Pivotal our clients get just that, and peace of mind.

If an all-inclusive car subscription service like Pivotal sounds like it could work for you, please get in touch. Visit www.drivepivotal.com for more information or call 0203 950 4833

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