Car Subscription Sustainability: Is Usership Better for the Planet?

Car Subscription Sustainability: Is Usership Better for the Planet?

Vehicle subscriptions give drivers freedom. The freedom to choose, to pause and resume, and to combine multiple expenses into one all-inclusive monthly payment. As a consumer, breaking out of traditional car ownership into something less familiar can be pretty daunting. 

So why are today’s motorists choosing to Subscribe and Drive? 

In one word, flexibility. The subscription model is built on choice. And the ability to access the products and services you need, on your terms. Not only do vehicle subscriptions take the hassle out of using a car, but they also inject enjoyment back into driving, can save you money, and let you try out driving electric vehicles before committing to the switch.

Alongside the obvious flexibility, more and more people are choosing to subscribe to vehicles for the car subscription sustainability benefits. So how are car subscriptions more sustainable than purchasing your own vehicle?

Car Subscription Sustainability

Subscription is a key building block of the circular economy

Utilisation improvement is a big step in the automotive industry’s journey toward a circular economy.

According to the RAC Foundation, the average car or van in England spends 96% of its life parked at home or work. The flexibility of a Pivotal subscription allows you to pause your membership at times when you don’t require a vehicle, meaning fewer cars sitting unused.

It’s much more common nowadays for people to only need a car for a few months per year. For those who travel for long periods, split their time between different countries, or shift between home-working and commuting, the ability to pause a subscription means cars are better utilised, bringing us closer to circularity. 

Moreover, life changes fast and so do our vehicle requirements. From people who require a more capable car in the winter months, to growing families that need more space and more seats, our needs are always changing. When subscribers’ needs change, they can easily update to new models from the fleet, then Pivotal ensures their previous vehicle goes to a great new home. And nobody had to purchase a new car.

This shift from ownership to ‘usership’ means fewer cars are produced altogether, producing huge benefits regarding automotive industry emissions and over-production.

Driving well-maintained vehicles

It’s easy to let regular vehicle servicing slip but Pivotal members always drive well-maintained vehicles, with our team of trained professionals spotting and correcting inefficiencies as soon as they arise.

With Pivotal taking care of upkeep and maintenance, the fleet is always running at close to peak performance which improves efficiency and reduces emissions overall. For example, good tyre maintenance avoids higher fuel consumption as vehicles are never running on tyres in poor condition.

Driving the latest technology

Vehicle technology is rapidly advancing, including that of electric cars. Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine Strategy and the UK’s journey toward net-zero in 2030 will see the electrification of both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. Jaguar is transforming into a purely electric luxury brand with pioneering next-generation technologies. Land Rover is even welcoming six new pure electric variants through its three families of Range Rover, Discovery and Defender.

Today, new technological innovations almost always aim to reduce emissions or improve the drive performance of vehicles. Pivotal members choose from a range of these new, more efficient vehicles, and reap the benefits in their carbon footprint.

See how Pivotal is committing to a Sustainable Future here.

Switch to BEV or PHEV earlier without having to commit

Although we’re seeing constant improvements in battery electric vehicle technology, switching to electric still isn’t always a feasible option. High upfront costs, a lack of charging infrastructure, and the inability to drive long distances without stopping to charge make electric vehicles inaccessible for some motorists who would otherwise be interested. 

Electric vehicles are only a more sustainable option when the driver has access to green energy. There’s a lack of transparency from charging providers about their energy sources, which means electric car owners might not be as carbon-neutral as they’re led to believe. Until there’s full transparency, people might be reluctant to switch. But with a subscription, you can switch without the commitment.

If you’re wondering whether an electric or hybrid vehicle is right for you, a subscription gives you the freedom to try it. Without the risk of buying outright or long restrictive leases, more people are likely to give electric a go.

Car subscription sustainability: Business benefits

For businesses, vehicle subscription offers a way to better improve asset utilisation. This is beneficial from both a financial and environmental perspective. Subscribing to a company car fleet as opposed to traditional company car schemes allows companies to pause and resume vehicles in response to changing circumstances. 

As well as being more adaptable, businesses and employees also benefit from Congestion Charge savings. Until 2025, all fully electric cars are exempt from the London Congestion Charge, as well as the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge. These exemptions may lead to savings of up to £3,900 per annum. Businesses may also benefit from low Benefit in Kind tax at 0% on a zero-emission vehicle. 

Explore Pivotal for Business.

So, is car subscription sustainability the way forward for the automotive industry?

Car subscriptions are contributing to the circular economy for the automotive sector. The usership model improves vehicle utilisation and reduces the number of unused cars that are parked for months. When adopted on a larger scale, it will also decrease the need for vehicle production. And, the guarantee of well-maintained vehicles improves fuel efficiency and reduces tailpipe emissions for drivers. 

Whether it’s for business or personal usage, subscriptions incentivise driving electric. The technology, carbon-neutrality and infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicles is not yet perfect. However, it’s indisputably a step in the right direction. Vehicle subscriptions make it easier to switch to the latest, most efficient technology, without the commitment of buying. 

Intrigued by the prospect of going greener with car subscription? View our range of vehicles and speak with one of our experts to find out more about Pivotal.

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